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Pledge Now

When you make your gift to Hilton, you decide:

Which fund to support
The value and frequency of your donation
Whether or not you want to remain anonymous

Tax Benefit

The Hiltonian Society and our Hilton College Endowment Foundation both qualify to award section 18a tax certificates under the South African Income Tax Act.

The USA, U.K. and Canada offer similar tax deductible incentives.

To find out more about this, please get in touch with our Advancement team.

Give regularly or make a once-off donation

You can make your donation by electronic funds transfer (EFT), debit order, or through our 3D-Secure online payment form (hosted by Paygate). Donate now.

If you want to make a recurring payment (locally or internationally) we support Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

We also offer a secure online EFT option for South African bank account holders.

We’ll soon be adding PayPal, Zapper and Snapscan payment options.

Make a substantial donation

If you’d like to make a substantial donation towards any of the four funds (or a different cause that means a lot to you), please email

Donate company shares

You are welcome to donate shares in your public or private company to our Hilton College Endowment Foundation. If your company is successful, our Foundation benefits through capital appreciation and dividend distributions. For tax benefits, you can only deduct public shares that you donate (not private shares).

Make a bequest

A bequest is a specific provision in your will directing certain assets in your estate to Hilton College. Also known as a ‘planned’ or ‘deferred’ gift, a bequest allows you to enjoy your assets in your lifetime but share their benefits once you pass on.

Your legacy will benefit Hilton College and its learners for decades to come.

Join our Cattle Project

Launched in 2009 with initial donations of 40 oxen, our innovative Cattle Project has contributed significantly to the Hilton farm and endowment fund. We’ve converted all our maize lands to Kikuyu pasture and increased our carrying capacity to between 700 and 850 oxen per season.

This growth has happened through weaner sponsorship and the reinvestment of project profits. Sponsoring an ox is an excellent way to support your school. (It’s also fun to watch the Estate management team expertly caring for your ox – and to stand the chance to win the grand annual prize and trophy!)

When you sponsor the purchase of a weaner, you contribute to our Lift Up Your Hearts Fund, offering financial aid to boys and their families.

The Hiltonian Travel Service

The  Hiltonian Travel Service, established in 2012, has been very well received and has been a resounding success. The service provider, XL Howick Travel, is owned by an old boy, Craig Goodenough, and he has used the opportunity to give back to the school. To date the Service has resulted in just under R400,000 being donated to the Hiltonian Society Bursary Fund. The aim is to grow this figure over the next 5 years as part of the current Advancement strategy of the School. Craig wishes to thank the many staff members, parents, friends of Hilton and old boys, living both locally and abroad, who have supported the initiative.

Bundu Bashers guarantees competitive prices and excellent service. We ask you to also keep The Hiltonian Travel Service in mind for your family, personal or business travel, knowing that you will also be enabling a contribution to The Hiltonian Society. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Craig – he is waiting for your call or e-mail.

Craig Goodenough
Tel: +27 33 330 6176

Please click on the logo’s below for excellent service and an opportunity to help the sons of old boys to attend Hilton College.