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Head of Tennis:

  • James Webb

Coaching Staff

  • Alex Kochelef
  • James Webb
  • Chris Kingsley


6 all-weather, hard courts; floodlights for 2 courts.

Season played

Term 1, 3 and 4.


League matches are played on Mondays in term 1 and 3. 

The annual De Wet Cup where Hilton top 10 play against MHS top 10 during the 3rd term.


Hilton 1st team will be attending the St Stithians festival over the Easter weekend.

Hilton College established the Hilton College/St Anne’s Mixed doubles tournament in 2008. The event takes place during the Michaelmas holidays for 3 days. Boys and girls are hosted at Hilton College and St Annes. 8 boys’ and 8 girls’ teams participate – these are from schools invited from around the country.

External coaching

Alex Kochelef from Top10nis provides support to the team once a week. He is also available for individual sessions which needs to be arranged with him.


Tennis players are required to attend two coaching sessions per week.


White shorts and white tennis shirts are required for the first team for fixtures. Black shorts and black tennis squad shirts are required for the rest of the players for fixtures. Coaching may be attended in black and white kit.

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