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Director of hockey: Devon Van Der Merwe


Top Provincial / National coaches include Darryn Gallagher, Devon van der Merwe, Matthew Fairweather.

1st team Coach: Devon van der Merwe

  • Played Nationally throughout the age groups up to U21 level with the Junior World Cup in Rotterdam 2005
  • Recently attend the Junior World Cup as an assistance coach and video analyst
  • Currently the SA U18 "A" Head Coach, National A18 & A21 Selector
  • Previously, Director of Hockey and 1st XI coach at Maritzburg College for 3 years

U16A Team Coach: Damian Kimfley

  • SA Mens Outdoor Hockey (2014-2018)
  • Junior World Cup 2013 (New Delhi, India)
  • Current KZN Raiders Men's Hockey Player
  • PHL Hockey Player (2017-2019)
  • KZN Inland u16A Coach (2017,2020)
  • KZN Inland u18B Coach (2016,2018,2019)
  • Previous St Charles College 1st Team Hockey Coach (2016-2018)
  • SAHA Level 3 Coach Accreditation


  • Two Astroturf pitches
  • 2 mini Astroturf fields 
  • Excellent grass hockey fields
  • Strength training gym
  • Indoor hockey Centre
  • Full set of hockey 5s boards

Number of teams

  • 5 Open teams 
  • 6 U16 teams 
  • 3 U14 teams

National Representatives

  • S. Mugerwa-Sekawabe (SA U16 High Performance, Captain SA U18A) 
  • L. Grove (SA U17 High Performance) 
  • A. Warren (SA U17 High Performance)
  • Ross Minter Brown (SA U16 High Performance, SA U17 High Performance) 
  • D. Tsebi (SA U16 High Performance
  • G.R. Shimwell (SA Schools) 
  • P.E.T. Turner (SA Schools) 
  • M. Mars (South Africa) 
  • S.P.S Smith (SA Schools) 
  • J.R. Thorpe (SA Schools) 
  • D.R. Turner (SA Schools - Captain) 
  • K.A. Johnson (SA Schools) 
  • C.R. Burnhill (SA Schools - Captain) 
  • M.R. Bruorton (SA Schools) 
  • M.W. Pfaff (SA Schools) 
  • D.B. Pfaff (South Africa) 
  • D.J. Jarvis (SA Schools - Captain) 
  • R.N Oertel (SA Schools) 
  • M.G. Stride (SA Schools) 
  • S.G. Slater (SA U21) 
  • T.G. Mallinson (SA Schools B)
  • C.T Manqele (SA Schools) 
  • C. Bailey (SA Schools) 
  • D.P. Viney (SA Schools, SA U21, South Africa) 
  • G. Jones (SA U19 Academy) 
  • T. Drummond (Captain SA U18A, SA U21, South African Men’s captain) 
  • M. Fairweather (Captain SA U16A, U17A, SA U18A, SA U21, South Africa Indoor World Cup team captain) 
  • B. Mbana (SA U21, South Africa) 
  • N. Spooner (SA U17A, South Africa) 
  • G. Drake (SA U17A, SA U18A) 
  • K. Oftebro (SA U16A, SA U17A, SA U21) 
  • D. Scott (SA U16A, SA U18A, SA U21) 
  • J. Edy (SA U18B) 
  • M. Llobell (SA U18B) 
  • R. Talmage (SA U18B)
  • D. Wheals (SA U18B)
  • B. Duggan (SA U18A)

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