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About The Old Hiltonian Club

The Old Hiltonian Club has its origins in 1892 when the school was only 20 years old. It was established at a "gathering of masters and senior boys" held on the last day of the 1892 school year, and called, initially, the Hiltonian Society, a name which it kept until the significant Hiltonian developments of 1927. At the time of the transfer of ownership and control of the school to the newly formed Hiltonian Society, a not-for-profit association whose members were Old Hiltonians interested in ensuring Hilton College's continuing existence, the old boys' club was renamed in keeping with its function and called "The Old Hiltonian Club".

A significant milestone in the history of both the school and the Club was the appearance, in 1901, of the first edition of "The Hiltonian". Published and edited initially by the Club, but chronicling the events of the school year together with news of Old Hiltonians, "The Hiltonian" remains the premier publication of each Hilton year and still aims to fulfil the functions established at its inception.

The prime function of the Old Hiltonian Club remains what it always was: to keep Hiltonians informed about and in touch with their school and with each other.


The Old Hiltonian Club is presided over by an Honorary Life President and two or more Vice-Presidents, elected by the members in acknowledgement of service to the Club. The affairs of the Club are led by a Chairman and National committee of at least four others, elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. This committee, together with the representatives of the various Branches of the Club, meets quarterly to plan events and drive projects. Also in attendance are the Chairman of the Board of the Hiltonian Society, the Headmaster and the Directors of Development and Marketing.

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