Term Dates

Half Term Weekends

Hilton College has a half term break each term. This break is placed, as far as possible and as the name
suggests, halfway through the term. The break starts on a Thursday and boys are expected to have
returned by 20:30 the following Monday evening.

There have traditionally been 2 or 3 lessons on the Thursday of half term. As a result of an everincreasing
list of boys wanting to leave early, these lessons have been more and more eroded over
time. Therefore, from the start of 2018, these lessons will no longer take place and half term will start
at 08:30 on the Thursday morning. Coaches to Johannesburg and Durban will depart at this time.

Boys may leave from 17:00 on the preceding Wednesday evening should they have no official
commitments at school. A commitment means any school function which a pupil is part of. Examples
might include a matric art exhibition or a school play. Boys intending to leave on the Wednesday
evening may only do so if they are collected by their parents. No transport will be arranged by the
school in this regard.

Boys who are flying home, either within the country or out of the country may only leave
from Thursday morning. No exceptions will be made in this regard. Flights may
be booked for the earliest departures on Thursday morning and appropriate
transport will be arranged by the school. Boys flying out of country should be
able to reach their local airports by approximately midday on the Thursday.
Flights to all destinations which boys frequently fly to on half terms are
available on Thursdays.

Should the system be abused, e.g. parents requesting for their sons to leave on
Wednesday morning, will result in the school reconsidering this position.

2018 Term Dates

(New boys arrive on Monday 15 January)
Tuesday 16 January to Friday 23 March
Half-term : Thu 15 Feb to Mon 19 Feb 

Monday 16 April to Fri 22 June
Half-term : Thu 17 May – Mon 21 May 

Monday 16 July to Friday 21 September
Half-term : Thu 16 to Mon 20 August

Tuesday 2 October to Fri 30 November
Half-term : Thu 25 October to Mon 29 October   

(Starting dates refer to the day on which boys have to be back at school)


2019 Term Dates

(New boys arrive on Monday 14 January)
Tuesday 15 January to Friday 29 March
Half-term : Thu 21 Feb to Mon 25 Feb 
Government: 9 January to 15 March

Tuesday 23 April to Fri 21 June
Half-term : Thu 23 May – Mon 27 May 
Government: 2 April to 14 June

Monday 15 July to Friday 20 September
Half-term : Thu 15 to Mon 19 August
Government: 9 July to 20 September

Tuesday 1 October to Fri 29 November
Half-term : Thu 31 October to Mon 4 November
Government: 1 October to 4 December

(Starting dates refer to the day on which boys have to be back at school)

2020 Term Dates

(New boys arrive on Monday 13 January)
Tuesday 14 January to Friday 20 March
Half-term : Thu 13 Feb to Mon 17 Feb 

(Easter Fri 10 Apr – Mon 13 Apr)

Tuesday 14 April to Fri 19 June
Half-term : Thu 14 May – Mon 18 May 

Monday 13 July to Friday 18 September
Half-term : Thu 13 to Mon 17 August

Tuesday 29 September to Fri 27 November
Half-term : Thu 29 October to Mon 2 November

(Starting dates refer to the day on which boys have to be back at school)

DISCLAIMER: Above are our 2020 dates. Please note the Government
school dates are yet to be finalised and if they are dramatically different
from past years, we may need to revisit these dates.

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