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The Hilton College fees for 2021 are R331 550 per annum.

This fee covers tuition, food and board, games, minor medical attention, the use of the sanatorium, library and laundry. It includes core curriculum based activities inclusive of sports other than as highlighted below.


A consolidated fee of R450 per term for extras is charged which covers certain items such as some dry cleaning, laundry bags, minor duplicating costs, newspapers, minor sanatorium requisites, sun screen, certain school plays and school socials at Hilton College. In addition, a fee is charged to boys participating in golf, rowing, and canoeing. This fee is to cover the additional transport costs and limited maintenance on the equipment but does not cover expenses should the boys be selected to participate at outside competitions/regattas/tours etc.

Books and stationery, medicines, doctors' fees, special entertainment and sundry travelling are not included in fees.

Fees for locally resident parents are payable annually or monthly, over 11 months, in advance by debit order. The relevant form may be obtained from the Finance offices. Foreign resident parents are required to settle fees either annually or termly in advance. A discount may be offered if the annual fee is paid before the end of January (this applies to out of country as well as locally resident parents). Please contact the Finance office for further details. Extras for all parents are due on presentation of an account.


On acceptance, R82 887.50 a non-refundable Entrance Fee, being the equivalent of one term's fees at the current rate, must be paid to the school as a contribution to the school's development programme.


Pupils whose families are resident outside of South Africa are required to pay a Foreign Pupil's Deposit of one term's fees. This deposit is intended to cover the costs of repatriation, should such a situation arise, and is refundable. This is standard practice amongst Independent schools in South Africa..


Parents are encouraged to participate in a scheme whereby they can claim full remission of fees if a boy is absent from school for more than 10 consecutive days owing to illness or 5 consecutive days if absent due to an injury. Accident insurance is, however, compulsory. Parents should note that the annual medical expense limit is R120 000 per annum and excess may apply from time to time. There is cover for permanent disablement up to a maximum of R750 000.

All claims will be processed by the school and forwarded to the claim administrators who will admit claims in accordance with the policy wording. More details of this cover are available on request.

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