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Boarding at Hilton College

Fundamental to the ethos of Hilton College, is its status as an all-boarding school. As distinct from most other schools where boarding facilities may be available for some of the pupils, all Hilton College boys are full,termly boarders, which ensures the stability of a community in which all operate under the same set of rules. At the core of our philosophy and traditions is the conviction that the most appropriate environment for the holistic education of adolescent boys is an excellent boarding school. In the stimulating, caring and convivial atmosphere of Hilton, boys develop independence and the confidence which accompanies a real sense of self-worth.

Hilton parents remain crucial partners in the education of their sons. We actively support this partnership: parents are encouraged to visit regularly and to participate in activities; parents are included in important decisions affecting their sons; and parents are invited to work closely with us to ensure their sons' progress.


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