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  • Ms Heather Peel (HOD)
  • Mrs Imma Guillot Montaner
  • Alex Stewart

The course begins in Grade 8, when pupils are taught how to construct simple sentences and to ask and respond to simple questions. 

This ability is further developed in Grade 9, where half the year is spent learning grammatical skills and increasing vocabulary, and the other half in communicating orally. A lot of role play is done, thus giving the boys enough confidence to communicate with people in France in such situations as purchasing goods, asking for direction etc.  The younger boys also complete a project on France which enables then to understand more fully the people and culture of the country.

Immigrants (as defined by the IEB), and boys who choose French as a matric subject, then continue to deepen their understanding of the language, and start to get to grips with French literature.

 The approach taken is that French is not seen as the preserve of a culturally sophisticated elite, but rather that it is a fundamental component of what a person living in modern-day Africa needs to successfully travel and/or conduct business.

 A foreign language is also seen as an important way of developing boys' cognitive skills and cultural understandings. The French Department has been involved in arranging tours and exchanges to France.

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