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  • James Webb (HOD)
  • Hanlie Dry
  • Brad Anderson
  • Msizi Mchunu

Economics has been introduced at Hilton in Grade 10 in 2012, and is currently offered to grade 8 – 12.

Economics is a contemporary subject, rooted in what is happening in South Africa and the world economy today. It draws on a wide range of skills and requires a logical and independent mind. The content includes theoretical models to explain the real world.

It is the study of how people, businesses and countries act and relate to each other. It deals both with small, daily matters and global, long-term changes and challenges in the world.

The Economics course is structured in four broad areas, centered on the needs of the boy:

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Some of the many skills Economics students learn include problem solving, communication, analytical decision making and more.

Sound economic knowledge lets students make meaningful, useful and entertaining contributions to society. It also gives them the insight to evaluate business and economic information for themselves. On top of this, they have a broader understanding of how the world works, and a much better sense of what government policies really mean.

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