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Leana Steenkamp (HOD)
Erna Bekker
AC Blume
Burger Nel
De Wet Wentzel

General Aims:  

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General Aims of Afrikaans:

  • To teach the necessary skills to the pupil to communicate effectively, both orally and by means of the written word.
  • To encourage a positive attitude towards the language and provide some background and insight into the Afrikaans culture which plays a part in our South African heritage.
  • To make pupils aware of the practical need in South Africa, for proficiency in Afrikaans.
  • To make people aware of the vast numbers of people in South Africa, of all races, who use Afrikaans as a means of day-to-day communication.
  • To emphasize oral work and allow pupils to build up confidence when speaking the language.
  • To promote in the pupils awareness of the fact that Afrikaans is a young, dynamic language that is constantly changing, and that, apart from the "pure" Afrikaans that is taught, there are various other forms of the spoken language that also have their place in South Africa.

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