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A specialized Travel Service is now available to the wider Hilton community, following discussions with Howick Travel and Bundu Bashers Travel.

Discussions between The Hiltonian Society and Craig Goodenough, a shareholder in both XL Howick Travel and Bundu Bashers Travel, have resulted in an agreement to offer a specialized Travel Service to the wider Hiltonian community.  It is accessible to people with links to Hilton, and will offer a full range of services, catering for business travelers, family trips, boys' and staff travel arrangements, as well as group tours.  All arrangements will be made directly between between clients and the professional staff of Howick Travel and Bundu Bashers.  Hiltonian customers will need to identify themselves as such when making initial contact.

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Howick Travel and Bundu Bashers Travel have been providing service to Hilton College over a period spanning twenty years.  Howick Travel has catered for the individual needs of staff and boys, while Bundu Bashers has established itself as the preferred groups' travel supplier for sport and other tours.  With this Hiltonian Travel Service, they promise personalized service at competitive rates.  And the bonus for Hilton College is that the companies will make quarterly donations to The Hiltonian Society bursary funds, calculated at an agreed percentage of the commission earned from Hiltonian clients. 


Craig Goodenough, himself an Old Hiltonian, says, "We are excited at the prospect of providing exceptional, personal service to our Hilton clients.  As travel companies, the internet provides our biggest threat, but it is also a threat to the traveler, especially when arrangements do not go according to plan: airline strikes, or when you need to change a ticket.  Our biggest weapon is our ability to provide experienced service and to look after the individual needs of our clients.  We look forward to doing that for Hiltonians, and also to helping deserving boys get a Hilton education, a privilege for which I, personally, am eternally grateful."

To make use of the service, contact Craig Goodenough on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (0824938659) or fill in the contact form below.

Contact Details for the offices:

  • Howick Travel: 033 3302193
  • Bundu Bashers Travel: 033 3306176
  • Contact Person: Craig Goodenough This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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