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The Hilton College Water Polo Club recently went on a tour to Croatia.  Travelling with a squad of 22 players  and 2 staff the tour party consisted of both senior and junior players with the emphasis being on learning from one of the best water polo playing nations in the world. 

A secondary aim was to explore the beautiful coastline and cities of Croatia, renowned world-wide as one of the prettiest countries in Europe.  The tour was a great success with all of the boys getting maximum training and match experience.  Whilst the language barrier was a slight hindrance to learning from the local coaches, in totality our staff and boys learnt a significant amount on body position, movement, technical aspects of shooting as well as game strategy. The country itself was stunningly beautiful and its rich history, which dates from before Christ, blew us away. A highlight was a chance encounter in which we came across the Croatian National team in training.  We were able to watch these awesome players practise and to have a photo with them afterward. A truly inspiring and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. All-in-all the touring squad had an unbelievable time and have returned richer for the experience.

Last Updated (Friday, 22 July 2011 14:53)