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1st XI KES Festival

5 April
vs St John's College lost 1-2
7 April
vs St Alban's won 1-0
vs Affies won 3-0
8 April
vs Queen's College won 2-1

1st XI Nomads Festival at Selborne College
30 March
vs King Edward VII School lost 0-3
vs Pretoria Boys' High School drew 2-2

31 March
vs SACS won 3-1
vs Grey College lost 1-2

vs Jeppe won 1-0

u16 Nomads Festival at Grey High School

31 March
vs Grey HS lost 1-3
vs Wynberg lost 3-4

1 April
vs Pretoria Boys' HS won 3-1
vs Whitgift (UK) won 3-0

2 April
vs Invitational XI lost 1-3

u16 Independent Schools' Festival at Michaelhouse

11 April
vs Bishops won 4-1
12 April
vs York HS drew 1-1
13 April
vs Peterhouse (Zim) won 3-0
14 April
vs St Andrews School won 2-0
15 April
vs Clifton won 5-0

u14 Nomads Festival at Jeppe Boys' High School

31 March
vs Jeppe won 2-1
vs Wynberg Boys' lost 1-6

1 April
vs King Edward VII School lost 2-4
vs St John's College drew 1-1

2 April
vs Pretoria Boys' HS lost 3-7

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