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On Wednesday 30 May we were fortunate to have Nick Matzukis address the school.  Nick is an advocate of the High Court with considerable experience in the field of copyright and associated regulations. Nick is also a very well-known figure in the South African music scene, having played as a musician for many high-profile bands, and having been involved in various music projects over the years.

He is a Director of Academy of Sound Engineering, South Africa's top audio college, and also of AVL Productions, a premier live music production company and AVL Distribution, a supplier of entertainment technologies.

Having started his education career as a lecturer/senior lecturer at Wits Law School, Nick won various awards including the Convocation Distinguished Teacher's Award, following on from his Top Student awards. Nick then opened his own chain of colleges, Allenby Campus, in 1995, including a Contemporary Music School and a Sound Engineering School, the first of their kind in South Africa. The chain was then sold to Damelin and Nick was appointed CEO of the Damelin Education Group in 2001, a position he held for three years. Nick then founded the Academy of Sound Engineering, where he still gives Music Business and Music Law lectures. He is the only person to have been award the "Life Award for Contribution to Private Education in South Africa by APPETD (Association of Private Providers in Education, Training and Development.)

Nick constantly consults, as an Advocate and advisor, to the music industry at large, and continues in his ownership of AVL Productions, a concert and event technical services company, as well as AVL Distribution, a supplier of entertainment equipment.

Nick has, on several occasions been invited to give seminars at SAMRO and other locations for organizations like the Composers' Association of South Africa. He was a keynote speaker at Moshito 2010 and 2011, the Nelson Mandela Bay International Music Conference, Talking Heads, Born to be Famous (Artist Management) and twice at Music Exchange, an international music conference held in Cape Town. He was invited to give the keynote speech at the Hart van Windhoek Music Workshop in Namibia and is a regular presenter on the Southern African music scene. Nick has, in addition to his two books, written various published articles on topics like Needletime, 360 Degree Contracts, Royalty Streams and Music Contracts in general.

Nick was requested by SAMRO and one of its key divisions, the Performers' Organisation of South Africa (POSA), to assist in the redrafting of Needletime legislation and amendments to the Performers' Protection and Copyright Acts. Importantly, Nick was also commissioned to provide expert written legal advice to SAMRO on the settlement of the current Needletime Royalties impasse with SAMPRA, and the impending litigation. This documentation, which will form the core of POSA's approach to settling this massive dispute (which is worth some R400m per year), has been completed and furnished, and is a milestone in South African music law.

Nick's qualifications, experience, career and passions are combined in music, law, business and education. This makes him one of the few people truly qualified to mentor young musicians, to write his ground-breaking book, and to lecture on this topic, which is so vital to the development of a dynamic and successful music industry in Africa.

Importantly, Nick still plays the drums and remains an active member of the South African musical fraternity.

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