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The Class of 2015 were officially welcomed as members of the Old Hiltonian Club at  functions held at the Fleur-de-Lys Club. They were each presented with an Old Boys’ tie which they wore when walking out the McKenzie Gates, together as a group for the last time.  We wish them all the very best.  Orando et Laborando

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Last night, at our Matric Leavers’ Chapel Service, Rev. Rory Dyer, an Old Hiltonian and Head boy in 1987, delivered a most moving and meaningful sermon.  After receiving their leavers’ bibles, the Grade 11 boys sang to the Matrics and then, on exiting the chapel, they all gathered to sing ‘O Boys of Hilton’ together for the last time. The Matrics write their final IEB examinations this week and I take this opportunity to wish them everything of the best for the future and to thank them, and their parents, for all that they have done for their school over the past five years. 

Regrettably, Neil Johnson, our 1st XI cricket coach, has informed me that he, and his family, will be moving to the United Kingdom at the end of the year to take up the position of Director of Cricket at Oakham College.  Neil has made an invaluable contribution to cricket at Hilton College and has thoroughly enjoyed his years here with us.  We thank him for his service to this school and wish him and his family everything of the best as they move to England.

Whilst we are very sad to lose Neil, we are confident that we will find an excellent replacement for him and are already working on this.

In the recent past we introduced an opportunity for boys to check their examination papers in order to see that everything had been marked and that the paper had been correctly totalled.  Unfortunately this caused a lot of stress for boys who had not performed as well as they had hoped to.  They became stressed to the point that their upcoming exams were adversely affected.  Boys and parents were reacting to incomplete information:  often there is a second paper still to be added in and always there is the year mark to be incorporated in generating the final mark.  For the above reasons we have decided to rather get our teachers to perform the checking process.  We undertake to do this thoroughly.  Should a boy wish to check his exam paper in the new year, he will be welcome to do so.  This will ensure that we retain transparency.  Exam marks will not be communicated to the boys before the holidays.  Rather they will receive the full picture of their academic performance when they receive their reports.

With just a few days to go before school closes for the year, please could I remind you of a few important things:

1.            Christmas Carol Service.

                All parents are invited to the end-of-year Christmas Carol Service to be held at 19:00 on Friday 27th November.  Weather permitting, this will take place in the Crookes Block Amphitheatre.  Should the weather not be suitable, we will hold this service in the Sports Centre.  Parents may take their sons home with them after this service on condition that they have informed their Housemasters of this in writing ahead of time.

2.            End-of-Year reports.

End-of-year reports for all boys in Grades 8 – 11 will be available to you via the online portal as usual.  This will allow you to access your son’s reports (present and past) and to print a copy if desired.  For Grade 11 scholars, hard copies will be posted to parents because these are required by tertiary institutions.  Hard copies of reports will not be generated for boys in Grades 8 – 10 unless such reports are specifically requested.  Such requests will only be necessary in special circumstances, for example, when a boy is leaving and needs an official report for his new school.

To log into the online portal, parents will need to use their ID number and cell phone number which are registered with the college.   If your cell phone number has changed recently, please inform Mrs. Ann Greenwood of this so that your details can be updated on the database. When the reports are available, you will be notified via a generic email. This email will include a set of instructions on how to access the document repository and find your son’s report.  We are hoping to make these reports available from Tuesday 8th December 2015.

3.            2016 return date for Matric boys and boys in Grades 9 - 11.

All Matric boys are expected to return to school by 10:00 on Saturday 16th January 2016.  Tea for Matric parents and their sons will be served on the lawn in front of the Campbell Block at 10:00.  This will be followed by a brief meeting in the Theatre for all Matric boys and their parents.

All boys in Grade 9 – 11 are expected to have returned to school by 20:30 on the evening of Tuesday 19th January 2016.

All that remains is for me to wish you all a very happy holiday, a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2016.

Kind regards

Peter Ducasse


The Final Assembly was held yesterday to acknowlege the various achievements of the boys.  It was also the last opportunity to say goodbye to our Matrics.  Mr Ducasse thanked them for everything they have done for the school over the past five years.  He looked forward to them returning as Old Boys in the future and wished them all the best as they moved on to the next phase of their lives.

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Our 2016 Heads of Houses were recently announced.  We congratulate these young men and wish them all the best as they take on these roles in the school next year.

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