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Our Grade 11's have been involved in a Leadership Course since Sunday. The boys are covering a variety of topics and have also been participating in team building excercises.  It is good to see them working together in their various teams.

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Dear Parents, Old Boys and Friends

On Wednesday, our Grade 10 boys returned from their spiritual journey at Emseni.  I have heard nothing but very positive comments about this Inward Bound experience, and we pray that the seeds that were sown during this journey will grow and bear fruit in their lives.  Many of these boys have indicated their desire to be confirmed and they will continue their preparation for this under the guidance of our Chaplain, Rev Richard Wyngaard.  The Confirmation Service is scheduled to take place at 5.00pm on Thursday 25 September, and we look forward to celebrating this important occasion with them.

Our Matric scholars are hard at work preparing for their Trial Examinations which get underway this week.  The full examination programme begins on Monday next week, but some boys will be involved in practical examinations and the Advanced Programme Mathematics Examination this week.  We take this opportunity to extend our best wishes to all of these boys, and to encourage them to work diligently in order to achieve to their full potential.

On the sporting front, our U15A and 1st soccer teams travelled to Johannesburg to participate in the St David's tournament over the weekend.  I understand that both teams performed really well and I congratulate, in particular, our 1st XI who finished 4th in this tournament.  Our rugby 7's team also performed very well, finishing in 6th place (out of 16 teams) in the Clifton College tournament in Durban.  Our golfers have just returned from the KZN Schools' Golf Championship with wonderful news.  Our first team won this event by more than 30 shots over runners up Michaelhouse, making them the new KZN Schools' champions.  Our B-team also performed exceptionally well to end in 5th position, ahead of the first teams from College, DHS and Glenwood.

I would like to take this opportunity to advise you of a change to the date of our Inter-House Athletics meeting as published in our school calendar.  Due to a clash with other sporting events, this meeting will now take place on the afternoon of Monday 22nd September rather than on Saturday 8th August as published.

Last term, the concept of integrity was the theme for all of our chapel services and our assembly.  I thank Richard Wyngaard for his wonderful series of sermons on this theme, and I include a brief summary of the topics that he covered so that you can help to reinforce these important lessons with your sons.

Summary of topics covered in Integrity series:

Integrity 1: Do the right thing, because it's the right thing.

This told the story of Daniel who lived in a time of severe corruption. Despite this, he chose to do what was right and honour his beliefs.  As a result, he was promoted to the highest position in the courts of Babylon.

Integrity 2:  Reputation. Philipians 2:14-16

This spoke about the importance of managing your reputation and being straight in a crooked generation. The world needs young men of courage, integrity and dependability especially since these are such rare commodities. God has called us to be 'blameless and pure' and beyond reproach (the Jenga game was used as an illustration to show how every time you do something you shouldn't do, you take a block out and eventually the tower is unable to stand against the storms of life).

Integrity 3: Speak the truth even when it hurts (the scourge of boy lore) Acts 7

This session asked the boys if they were ever forced or coerced to lie to protect another boy. Lance Armstrong was used as an example. He lied, and many lied to protect him, and cycling was severely damaged as a result.

We looked at Stephen before the Sanhedrin, who, despite risking his life, told them the truth about what they were doing. Even though he lost his life that day, the church was enormously encouraged by his faith and were spurred on to do incredible things in God's name. Sometimes choosing to speak the truth hurts, but God will bring right out of a wrong if we follow the path of integrity.

Integrity 4: Iron sharpens iron. Proverbs 27:7. Be careful who you tie yourself to.

This looked at the importance of who you associate with and surround yourself with. People seldom get into trouble on their own and others are always a major influence on your integrity. Good friends help you to be accountable and become the person God intended you to be, both at work and in social contexts. Good friends will 'call you' on something you have done wrong and encourage you when you are on the right track. Who are you associating yourself with? The story of the mouse who 'tied himself' to the frog was told. The frog was tired of spending time with the mouse so he tied himself to the mouse and jumped into the river intending to drown the mouse. An eagle saw the two floundering in the water and in the end both were eaten.... Be careful who you tie yourself to.

Integrity 5: It's not what you say it's what you do. 

Good Samaritan, There is no point in being successful, important, highly regarded, an upstanding member of society IF YOU DON'T USE IT WHEN IT COUNTS... and DO nothing with it. Those who had the power and influence didn't help the Samaritan when they could have. We also looked at the example of the fig tree that produced no fruit. We are in a unique situation at Hilton.  We have been blessed and must use our God given influence to have an impact on the world. 

Have a good week.

Yours sincerely

Peter Ducasse


Dear Parents, Old Boys and Friends

Another busy week has passed by in a flash and the half-term break is already almost upon us.  On Tuesday evening, our Mathematics Department hosted about 300 mathematicians from Hilton and other local schools at our annual Maths Experience.  The scholars were treated to stimulating talks presented by our Mathematics Department staff, and I understand that this was a great success.  I also attended the Inter-House Junior Public Speaking Competition last week, having attended the Senior competition the week before.  The speeches presented at both of these competitions were out of the top drawer, and I commend all of the speakers on delivering such interesting and well-researched topics.

On Friday our 1st tennis team competed against Michaelhouse in the annual de Wet Cup competition.  I heartily congratulate them on winning this trophy for the fourth consecutive year.  On Saturday we played a full round of closely contested soccer matches against Michaelhouse, and our athletes competed very successfully in an inter-school meeting.  On Sunday we had a number of boys involved in KZN soccer trials and the final KZN golf trials.  I have just received the good news that, on the strength of their performance yesterday, four of our golfers were selected for KZN teams.  The results of the soccer trials have not yet been released but I trust that our boys performed well.   All in all, we had a very good weekend of sport.

There was a real sense of excitement yesterday morning as all of our Form 1, 2 and 3 boys gathered on the front lawns before departing on their various Outdoor Leadership outings.  These trips form an important part of their leadership training but are also designed to teach them valuable life skills, and to be great fun.  I visited the Form 1 group on our Estate yesterday afternoon, and they were all in good spirits and having a wonderful time.

 Our Form 4 group also started their leadership training course yesterday afternoon.  This course is designed to prepare them for their important leadership and mentorship roles in the school next year.  They were all very positively engaged yesterday, and I sincerely hope that they will enjoy the course and, by the end of it, feel that they are ready to play a meaningful role in the school next year.

Today, all of our Matrics wrote their first compulsory Trial Examination (English: Paper 1) and, in chatting to them when they came out of this examination, all seems to have gone well.  With all the Form 1, 2 and 3 boys off campus, the Houses are quieter than normal, and I trust that they will use this opportunity to engage in some uninterrupted study time before the half-term break on Thursday.

Our Form 4 year group will be in Johannesburg for their academic tour next week and I take this opportunity to thank, in advance, all those parents who have offered to host boys.

I remind you that school closes for the Long weekend at 08:30 on Thursday morning and I wish you all a very happy time with your boys.

Yours sincerely

Peter Ducasse


Congratulations to Jono Wing on achieving his personal best of 47.9s in his heat at the ICF Sprint World Championships.  Unfortunately he was in a very fast heat so, due to the way the heats are structured, he never got through to the semi-finals even though his time was better than some of the paddlers who did. Jono is nevertheless very happy that he achieved his personal best time which was slightly better than his goal of 48.0s for this competition in Moscow.

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