Home Mission & Values

Hilton College strives to be Africa's leading secondary boarding school for boys, providing a world-class education by cultivating a culture that embraces holistic educational practices and the best lessons of South Africa’s unique non-racial democracy and upholds the Christian Faith which has been the essence of the school's 142 year old tradition.  This will be achieved through excellent governance, leadership and management; highly qualified and experienced staff; effective pupil teacher ratios; proactive communication and collaboration with parents and other stakeholders; comfortable accommodation; exceptional sporting and Cultural facilities; and the natural beauty of a large peri-urban estate.


To be regarded by pupils, staff, parents, competitors and educationalists - prospective, current and past - as Africa's best boys' boarding school, ranking among the best in the world.


We Value

  • The realisation of potential
  • A positive work ethic and the life skills with which to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing society
  • The qualities of self-discipline and self-reliance complemented by an awareness of interdependence
  • Academic endeavour and excellence in an environment in which enquiry and scholarship flourish and are prized as ongoing, and valuable
  • Critical and creative thinking, the ability to exercise choice and to engage in self-evaluation and reflection 
  • An acceptance of responsibilities, respect for others and a concern for the social and physical environments
  • Diverse forms of human achievement as well as balance and the cultivation of worth while leisure activities
  • Commitment and a desire to achieve the highest possible standards in all activities without the loss of enjoyment and enthusiasm
  • Family and home and a strong relationship between home and school
  • Being governed in all matters by Christian Faith and principles while at the same time respecting those of other faiths