Home Headmaster HM Newsletter - 19 Sept

Dear Parents

Take a bow Sue Clarence, Doreen Stanley and Sheryl Hodkin on organizing an exceptional Witness/Hilton Arts Festival blessed with splendid Spring weather. To everyone associated with this event, our thanks and appreciation for creating an amazing weekend of culture, crafts and curiosity.



During a stroll through the craft market, an elderly gentleman on finding out my association with the school pushed for an answer for the following question, "So where do you think the youth of today are going?" This was indeed a broad ranging question that could elicit an answer ranging from utter pessimism through to inconceivable optimism. The following outlines my response.

Last night we were captivated by a series of talented, multi-cultural groups of pupils ranging in age from ten to eighteen years. They projected an enthusiastic, confident, and passionate aura and produced entertainment of the highest order.

The Fashion Show that verged on professional quality was organized solely by pupils from St Anne's, The Wykeham Collegiate and Hilton College. It was spectacular in execution involving not only exceptional models but it also showcased prodigious musical talent. The massive audience was enthralled throughout with a magnificent sound and light show.

This event was preceded by a series of school choirs performing in the Chapel. The chamber choir of Herschel Girl's School from Cape Town was outstanding as was the energetic St Peter's Prep School Choir who gave a spell-binding performance combined with percussion. Included in the programme was a practiced and polished routine by the Hilton Choir and soloists.

"Surely this is to be expected from pupils attending schools of such quality?" the gentleman responded.

I agreed, but then highlighted that there was a choir of self-taught teenagers that had travelled at their own expense by taxi from Newcastle to produce an equally phenomenal performance. I suggested that when one engages with these adolescents one cannot help but be enthused with their bubbly enthusiasm for the future of South Africa. There is an optimism amongst both the privileged and disadvantaged youth of this country that outweighs the picture of pessimism that the cynics often portray.

 The gentleman seemed somewhat taken aback by the response.

Perhaps this view, probably shared by others, is tainted by perceptions of the past rather than the vision of the future. What is evident is that as far as our youth is concerned, the possibility of a better future is a real goal for them. Perhaps as a society we could learn something from the vision of our children.

Have a great week!

G Thomson