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Dear Parents 

It is hard to believe that we are already halfway through the year and that we can now look forward to increasingly longer days again. Today we had the most riveting guest speaker address by Mr Steve Hamilton, author of the book  'I want my life back'.  Steve's talk was about drug use, the dangers associated with drug use and the importance of making wise choices.  Boys will have the opportunity to speak to Steve about any drug related issues during his two day stay with us here at the school.

At the end of this term you will be receiving your son's half-year academic report.  These reports will be available electronically by the middle of next week, and the hard copies will be posted.  Please read these carefully and take the time to engage your son on the comments which have been made.  Please also feel free to contact your son's teacher should you need further insight.

Our sports teams had a good day on Saturday and I know that their success will have boosted their confidence.  I take this opportunity to wish all of our players everything of the best for the week ahead as they prepare for their final fixture against Michaelhouse this weekend.  We look forward to seeing many of you at Hilton on Saturday, to support your sons.

On Friday, we invite all the Grade 10 and 11 parents to Parents' Day. This will take place in the Sports Centre, starting at 11h30, and it is a good opportunity for you to engage with your son's teachers.

With less than a week to go before the start of the holiday, please can I remind you to return your son to us at the start of next term with his hair neatly and correctly cut.  We expect our boys to return with a standard school haircut and not with fashionable hairstyles.  In particular, we do not accept the comb-over style (short on the back and sides, but long on the top) because this becomes very untidy when not properly combed (especially when playing sport).  Boys who return with unacceptable haircuts will be required to have their hair cut by our appointed hairdressers but I trust that, with your co-operation, this will not be necessary.

Please can I also ask you to ensure that you are aware of the Michaelhouse fixture details (see below) and that your travel plans have been finalized.  Where appropriate, please ensure that the necessary travel details have been communicated to you son's House Manager.

Further to the information we sent out recently regarding the regulations for children travelling in and out of South Africa, we now have clarification from the Dept. of Home Affairs regarding pupils who live out of the country.  They, too, need the documentation, i.e. an unabridged birth certificate whether it is an S.A. birth certificate or not, written consent from both parents and including their contact details, a letter from the Headmaster and a copy of his I.D.  I remind you that an unabridged birth certificate includes details of both mother and father on it.   These regulations apply to children under 18.   Our documentation will be given to out-of-country boys next term as the regulations are only effective from 1 October.

I know that the boys and the staff are exhausted as we come to the end of this term, and I wish you all a very happy and restful holiday.



Match times

The first round of matches begins at 8.00am on Saturday morning.  The 1st XI hockey match will start at 11.10am and the 1st XV rugby match at 1.30pm.  Boys are free to leave on holiday at the end of the 1st XV game.


Reserving space

Reserving space around Gilfillan Field, using a picnic blanket or chairs, may only take place from 2.30pm on Friday afternoon. Security guards will be posted at Gilfillan to look after these blankets.  Please do not rope-off areas because any such ropes will be removed by security guards.  

All gazebos must be erected behind the seating areas so as not to block the view of those behind.  

We believe that it is important to be good hosts, and accordingly I ask that you do not book more space than you absolutely need.  Please consider the Michaelhouse parents and all our other visitors who will not be in a position to book areas until Saturday morning.


Gate Entry Fee

Tickets at the Main Gate will be R70 per car. Please note that this amount is charged in order to cover the extra expenses that this day incurs, e.g. extra security, hiring of toilet facilities, as well as the serving of tea and eats to hundreds of people.


Tea will be served from 09h00-11h00 on the school side of the Gilfillan Field.

Please note that all of the change rooms and toilets in the Ducasse Aquatics Centre will be reserved exclusively for ladies.   Other toilets are available for men.


Parking on fields will be available on Falcon Oval from 07h00 on Saturday morning.

Mansergh and Weightman-Smith fields will open up at 11h15;
Henderson and Lombard fields will be open for parking from 13h00.

Security and lost property

The security control centre is situated in front of the Crews Fitness Centre.  Red Alert Security will handle lost property and security issues.

Fleur-de-Lys Club

The Fleur-de-Lys Club will be open throughout the day and after the 1st XV Rugby game.


There is ample space for picnics in the grounds.  In order to provide more seating for spectators around the main rugby field, it would be appreciated if picnics could be held in areas other than right next to the field.

With my thanks and kind regards,

Peter Ducasse


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