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Dear Parents  

As this first quarter draws to a close, I look back on what has been an exhausting but highly productive term.  Many of our boys have been under intense pressure owing to the extended academic day, busy sports programme, a very demanding musical rehearsal schedule, and the unusually hot weather.  Having said this, I am very proud of the way in which the boys and staff have managed this busy schedule, and I know that they are all looking forward to a very well-earned holiday at the end of the week.

The orchestra and cast of Les Miserables have worked exceptionally hard during the past week to put the final touches to their performances.  I understand that their opening matinee performance yesterday afternoon was a resounding success, and I wish them all the best of luck for their remaining three performances at 7.00 pm tonight, and again at 7.00 pm on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  I know that they are performing to full Houses on each of these evenings and I cannot wait to watch the full show myself.  I confirm that, should you be attending the performance on Thursday evening, you may take your son home with you on holiday after the show that evening.  I need, however, to make it clear that this special dispensation is for those boys whose parents are attending the show on Thursday evening only.

At the end of this term, you will be receiving your son's first report for the year.  I remind you that the hard copy of your son's report will be posted to you but that you can also access this report electronically.  These electronic reports will be available early next week.  I ask you, please, to read and discuss your son's report with him.  You can help us to foster a strong work ethic in your son by praising him for good effort and progress but also by addressing him on any of his teachers' comments which might suggest that there is room for improvement in his effort or behaviour. 

In my newsletter last week, I mentioned that we were reviewing our daily timetable.  After careful consideration, we have managed to modify our current timetable to increase the rest period between the end of class and the start of sport, whilst still retaining our seven lessons each day.  This revised timetable will be introduced at the start of next term and I am confident that this change will make the day less frenetic for everyone concerned.

A number of our sports teams will be involved in festivals during the holiday and I wish them everything of the best. 

We recently received notice from Eskom that Hilton will be subject to power cuts in line with their load shedding policy.  In order to minimise the disruption that such power cuts could cause to our evening prep sessions, please could I ask you to ensure that your son returns to school next term with a headlamp that he can use in such situations.

Finally, I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy time with your sons over the holiday period.  I trust that they will return to school at the start of Term 2 feeling well-rested and ready to take on the challenges of the winter term. 

Kind regards

Peter Ducasse 

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