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Hilton College Student Exchange Programme

Hilton College has a student exchange programme with the following overseas schools.

Eton College (England)
Gordonstoun (Scotland)
Harrow School (England)
Wrekin College (England)
Salem Schule (Germany)
Scot's College (Sydney, Australia)
Charlotte Latin (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)
King William's College (Castletown, Isle of Man)
Woodberry Forest School (Virginia, USA)
Strathallan School (Perth, Scotland)
Framlingham College (England)
Knox Grammar School (Sydney,Australia)

This is a reciprocal programme whereby our boys attend schools overseas and our counterparts send boys to attend school at Hilton College. The duration of the exchange is a term.

The exchanges from South Africa take place in the 3rd / 4th term of Form III or the 1st term of Form IV.

Applying to go on exchange
The master-in-charge (MIC) of the exchange program will meet with the entire Form III group to explain the process of applying. A committee consisting of the Master-in-charge and four other staff members will select the boys to go on exchange. Their decision will be final and an announcement by the Master-in-charge will take place towards the end of the second term of the academic year.

For those who wish to apply, each candidate will submit an essay of no longer than 2 pages supporting why he should go on exchange. In his essay he needs to refer to what he thinks he will gain as well as what the school will gain by his going on exchange. This essay must be submitted on the date stipulated by the MIC which will be in the later half of the first term. A letter will be sent to the parents of each boy who applies outlining some details.

Each candidate will be interviewed by a member of the committee. This interview will take the form of an informal discussion and the main purpose is to get to know something about the candidate (his interests, his views on certain matters). During the interview he may be asked some general knowledge questions as well as questions on current affairs. The MIC will compile a list of questions to guide each of the committee members. After the first round of interviews has taken place, the committee will meet and draw up a short list for a second round of interviews. If a boy is successful in round one he will be interviewed by a different member of the committee in subsequent rounds. The final round will take place at the Fleur de Lys Club which will be more of a social gathering. It will be a formal dinner where boys will talk to each member of the committee during the course of the meal. During this evening there will be impromptu speeches of about 2 minutes. The topics of these speeches will be drawn randomly and will be of a light hearted nature. The MIC will determine the topics in conjunction with the committee.

During the entire process the MIC and members of the committee will gather information about candidates from various sources: the boy's Housemaster, academic staff as well as his sport coaches (present and past) indeed any member of staff who has had some contact with the boy.

The number boys going on exchange may vary from year to year depending on the host schools overseas. Depending on the number of places available the committee will then make a decision on the boys who will represent the school on exchange. The decision of the committee is final.

The MIC will then inform the candidates of their selection. He will also inform the boy's parents and provide them with all the necessary details (contract-which is attached, notes for exchange, medical forms, and personal details).

Heather Peel
Teacher-in-charge: Student Exchange Programme