Nature Reserve

The Teapots valley and Gwen’s gorge areas of the Estate have recently been officially declared a Nature Reserve, in terms of the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Biodiversity Stewardship Programme.  The intention of this programme is to ensure the application of excellent conservation practice on privately owned land.  While the declaration of this Reserve has no impact on the title deeds, it does guarantee its preservation as an unspoilt wilderness in perpetuity.

As Hiltonians we are delighted with the advent of the Hilton College Nature Reserve.  It is a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to preserve and to develop appropriately the conservation areas on the Estate.  Probably more importantly, however, the Reserve’s promulgation enables continuing generations of Hilton boys to share the experience of the pristine Estate with their predecessors.  It is a remarkable fact that while the Hilton College campus of 2011 would be unrecognizable to early Hilton boys, the Estate remains fundamentally unchanged.

In applying for Nature Reserve status, The Hiltonian Society has entered into a partnership with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife which will ensure that organization’s support for and assistance with the management of the Reserve.  We are entering an exciting phase in this process.

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