Home Info for Parents Academic Grade 11 Work Experience/Job Shadowing

We strongly recommend that all Grade 11 boys undertake a period of Work Experience/Job Shadowing. It is not compulsory but it will benefit them enormously. This would need to take place during one of the school holidays and we suggest no fewer than four days, with a minimum of two days spent in each enterprise.

We encourage boys to seek out opportunities in a field in which they are interested. Being a waiter at a restaurant chain would probably not be the wisest choice. Boys who are uncertain of career/study options are encouraged to shadow several careers/jobs.

We have explained the Work Experience to all the Grade 11 boys during Life Orientation. Boys had the option of taking a letter and an evaluation form which endorses this programme, and are aware that a completed evaluation form from a company together with a reflection essay can be included in their Matric Life Orientation portfolio as 2.5% of their final mark.

They were encouraged to discuss the Work Experience with you. This programme is something we would like to see our boys take responsibility for as they take the first steps towards their own career path. We are very pleased to say that some boys have taken up this offer with great excitement and pride. However, some boys need to be strongly encouraged towards this venture and may have been absent from the lesson where all this information was relayed. We would like to add that boys represent their school and their families when they undertake this task and should behave accordingly.

The letter and evaluation form regarding Work Experience can be found here: