Hilton College is a Boarding school. This provides the foundation for what the school is, and is driven by a belief that boarding should be the system of choice for adolescent boys.

Boarding meets the social and emotional needs of most boys. Boarding provides:

  • a structured and disciplined environment

  • companionship

  • strong sense of belonging and community spirit

  • independence and self-discipline

  • acceptable rites of passage

  • opportunities to develop social skills

  • opportunities to develop independence and to take responsibility

  • focus on school related activities

  • time to make full use of opportunities and facilities

Boarding at Hilton develops

  • Independence

  • Confidence

  • Respect for others

  • Sense of community

Some facts

From the UK Boarding Schools' Association

  • Seven out of ten sixth form boarders rate their experience of boarding as either good or excellent

  • Nine out of ten say boarding helps them learn to live with others and seven out of ten say it imbues a greater sense of community

  • Two thirds say that boarding encourages a greater sense of personal independence

  • Over 40% of boarders consider their relationship with their parents to have improved as a result of their boarding experience, with another 40% believing their boarding has had no effect on their relationship

  • 95% of sixth form boarders plan to go to university

  • Three quarters of boarders believe that boarding has enhanced their academic education

  • The majority of boarders believe boarding enables them to get to know their teachers better and provides more opportunities for music, drama and sport

  • Boarding is enjoying a resurgence in UK schools

From Hilton Exit Questionnaires

  • Grade 12 learners consistently rate the camaraderie and people as what they have appreciated most about Hilton

  • More than 80% of leavers are appreciative of the discipline they have experienced as boarders

  • When asked what best helped prepare them for the future, learners rate their independence and ability to face challenges, and the social skills they have gained, as the most significant

  • 95% of learners indicate that they feel fully ready to face the next stage of their lives

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