In order to encourage applications from outstanding pupils, scholarships are offered. These are awarded on merit and are available only to boys entering at Grade 8 level.

Pupils are invited to sit the Scholarship examination on the basis of their performance in the Scholastic Assessment (Entrance Tests), and their past academic performance. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the student’s performance in the Scholarship Examination and a personal interview. Sport Scholarship skills’ testing and Music Scholarship auditions will take place on Friday 23 March 2018, and the Examinations will be written during the Prospective Pupils' Weekend, which will be on Saturday/Sunday 24/25 March 2018.

Applications are invited for Sport and Music Scholarships. For these scholarships a detailed resume’ of the student’s achievements is required. Sports scholarship candidates are invited to Skills’ Testing, whilst Music Scholarship candidates are required to do music auditions. Applications for Academic, Sport and Music Scholarships must be submitted by Friday 23 February 2017.  Application forms can be requested from the Marketing Department at any time.

Academic Scholarships

Candidates for academic scholarships are invited to sit an examination, written at Hilton College, which includes English and Mathematics. These papers are skills based and aim to assess academic potential.

The following academic scholarships are available annually :

  • Major Academic Scholarships
  • Minor Academic Scholarships 
  • Merit Awards

All-Rounder Scholarship

Scholarships will be awarded annually to a strong academic candidate who also displays exceptional all-round ability.

Sport and Music Scholarships

Sport and Music Scholarships may be awarded annually to applicants who have demonstrated remarkable talent, skills and values. Candidates are invited to visit Hilton for Skills’ Testing/ Music Audition. The value of these scholarships varies.


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